Final Model and Reflection Questions

Watch this Youtube video of our final model in Gephi








Reflection Questions

For students’ individual conclusions, please see posted reflections. While examining the model, however, there were a few questions that arose, including the following:

  • How did the model compare to your own perceptions of the relationships in the novel?
  • Were the central characters represented as you expected? Was their importance in the novel accurately reflected in the size and color of the node?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of not being able to characterize the edges (the line thickness represents strength of relationship, but does not necessarily indicate whether the relationship is a marriage, financial debt, etc.)?
  • What things were lost in the conversion from subjective data to the model?
  • How might the final project look different had aspects of the project been changed (i.e. if we had accounted for subcategories inside relationships kinds)?
  • The model depicts the relationships only as they stand at the end of the novel. How might models created at different points in the novel look differently than the one that is shown?

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