Final Exam Now Posted

I have now circulated the final exam for English 161 by email; please let me know immediately if you have not received it.  The basics of the exam:

 **90 minutes, start to finish. Time starts when you open the document.

**Open book, open notes, open blog, but no Googling / Wikipedia.

**Format: two essay questions (30 minutes each), two close reading questions (10 mins each), and one extra credit (5 minutes).  Five minutes are allotted to read the exam and proofread before submitting.

**Please type your answers into this document, save, and…

**Return completed exam by email no later than Friday, May 3, at 5 PM.  Late exams will not receive credit.

Please let me know of questions before, during, or after the test.  Thank you all for what was (for me) a very exciting semester.  I’m looking forward to seeing what you do on the exam — I’ve done my best to make it a place for creating new syntheses and chances for thinking-on-the-spot.

All best wishes and have fun!


About Nathan Hensley

Nathan K. Hensley is Associate Professor of English at Georgetown University; he works on nineteenth-century British literature, critical theory, and the novel.
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