Snakes and Gazes

When reading a specific paragraph on page 171 (starting with “And with more ado…”), I was reminded me of the third passage we read in class today, that on page 143. The wording he chooses and similes are almost exactly the same. She gets rid of the white “wrappings” that were around her in both scenes. There are also the snake references, as in both passages he alludes to her in a way being like a snake. When a snake grows, it removes the layer of dead skin (which is a translucent white), and reveals a newer, more vivid layer. She is “like some glittering snake when she has cast her slough”. (171). Earlier she had a “serpent-like grace” (143). This unveiled self shows more of her physically, and this is noted by Holly.

On page 171, there is again the notion of the gaze, although this time it is reversed. Holly can directly feel and see her gaze, as she “fixed her wonderful eyes upon” him. He is scared and intimidated by her gaze, yet at the same time also mesmerized by her eyes’ beauty. Her eyes are “deadly” and “pierce through” him, showing the power she has with her gaze. Once more, he singles out one of her body part, her eyes, saying that they have beauty, not herself as a whole. Holly describes them also in a feminine way, as they are both wonderful and beautiful. There is tension between the emasculating way he is being looked at and the awe he has for her.

For those who haven’t heard of the snake-skin fact, here is a picture. You can see the unveiled part is more vivid in color and detail, as She is once the white wrappings are on the ground.,d.dmQ&psig=AFQjCNGLHblIq7fsVk_TWzSqHkqBB_tMVg&ust=1366248279039080



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