She is Queen Victoria

On page 34 in She, Holly mentions “a beautiful white woman who is seldom seen by them [Africans that speak Arabic], but who is reported to have power over all things living and dead.” There could not be a more obvious reference to Queen Victoria herself. At this time period there was a massive imperial race to gain territory in Africa, England being one of the many participants. Queen Victoria was the ruler of the English territories in Africa, and she would be “seldom seen by [the Africans] seeing as how she lived in England. Race is a major factor as a “beautiful white woman” rules over these black Africans. This touches a common perception that white men and women were superior to all blacks, regardless of gender. However, there was only one very powerful white woman in the world at this time, so who else could this “beautiful white woman” who held “power over all things living and dead” be but Queen Victoria? She was the Queen of ¼ of the world at this point, and in that ¼ of the world, she, if not having the power, symbolized England’s “power over all things living and dead,” especially in their African territories, where they ruled with an iron fist. It only makes sense that Haggard would allude to this part of the English empire, as a massive arms and territory race was going, which would have occupied much of the English mindset in this era.

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