The Middlemarch Social Network, Chalkboard Exercises.

With thanks to Kevin and Anebi, here are the photos of each class session’s chalkboards.  As we discussed in class, filling out these networks in more detail would entail specifying the nature of each “edge” or relational line between character-nodes.  A rudimentary key to such lines would perhaps look like the list below — though of course many relationships would have to be categorized in several of these categories at once.  Right?  And perhaps you can think of more categories?  If you do, please list them in a comment on this post, and I’ll integrate them.  That way we can work together to build a way of mapping Middlemarch.

The Middlemarch Social Network: Categories of Relation

  • Marriages
  • Financial Relationships
  • Non-Maritial Love Interest
  • Familial Relations
  • Friendships
  • Personal Rivalries
  • Romantic Rivalries
  • Professional Alliances
  • Professional Rivalries

Class Period 1:

Class Period 2:

Onward, into the world of “this particular web” (132)!

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