Miss Clack’s letters

I couldn’t help but question the purpose of chapter VI. I would like to open the following question to everyone: why do you think this chapter has been included in the narrative? What is its purpose in the story?

It seems that Miss Clack tries to insert several of her Extracts that deal with the topic of death and that would better talk of the death of Lady Verinder, however, this is denied by Mr Franklin Blake. Miss Clack then goes on to ask whether she can contribute the knowledge she has gained past this point in the story, to contribute to her narrative and is again denied.

Does the author wish for the reader to learn that Miss Clack is recounting her narrative while in possession of future knowledge (yet to be revealed to us) about the Moonstone? Is he cautioning us to remember that Miss Clack speaks to us with the privilege of hindsight? I am not sure. I then question if this is just another way to build her character in our minds. As I mentioned in class, I believe that the stop and go narration of Gabriel was doing just that. Yet I feel that we as the reader do not gain much more insight into her character by reading these letters– am I wrong? (Please tell me if you find something new here!) All I see is that she is revealing her devout spirit and Christian stubbornness here.

Perhaps another option, this chapter serves to add credibility to our narrator? Like with the exact dates and page numbers that Gabriel includes in his narrative, maybe Miss Clack wants the reader to trust her honesty and thus her narrative to be truth. By publishing the letters in which Mr Franklin is rather rude to her, she is showing the reader her willingness to tell things as they are. Yet do we have a reason not to trust her so far? I admit that I feel her views of Rachel seem to be born out of jealousy and judgement (though watch! she often tries to say she isn’t being judgmental), and of course Mr Godfrey is cast in a golden halo of light, but otherwise, I trust her enough.

Thoughts on this section? I would certainly like to know what others think about this chapter.

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