Cursed Diamonds in Georgetown

Lest we think Georgetown has remained untouched by cursed objects from the periphery, The Hope Diamond, which now resides in the Smithsonian, has its own murky history and a long line of unlucky owners…

Its penultimate owner, (the final being Harry Winston) Evalyn Walsh McLean (who married Edward Beale McLean, heir to The Washington Post), was involved in her own string of unfortunate affairs: her only son died in a freak car accident; her husband was committed to an insane asylum; she fell victim to a hoax by former FBI Agent Gaston Means who schemed her out of $100,000 in connection to the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby; her daughter died of an overdose; and The Washington Post went bankrupt. She is buried in Rock Creek Park.

The video is available here on the Travel Channel. 

A timeline of the Diamond’s history is also provided here on PBS.

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