Charlotte Bronte Exhibit – Childhood Works


Above is a picture of one of Charlotte Bronte’s early works that she created with her siblings when they were young. There were a couple of these early works, which are so much smaller than you would guess – about the size of a matchbook! These tiny books were my favorite part of the entire Bronte exhibit, largely because I used to write books and create mini magazines with my three siblings when we were younger – although our books survive only on the hard-drive of my parents’ old computer and likely will never be displayed in a museum. Beyond my personal fascination with Bronte and her siblings, it was incredible to see the real pages that Charlotte and her siblings crammed full of minuscule print as they created their intricate fantasy worlds and stories. Though we have read some of the Bronte siblings’ writings for class, that experience pales in comparison to the experience of seeing the actual books in person. The tiny handwriting alone made me appreciate the sheer magnitude of the task of copying the books so that they could be reprinted for us to read in class, which is something I do not think I would have appreciated, had I not seen the books in person. Overall, I was continually struck by the creative genius of the Bronte siblings and their dedication to creating and to literature, even when they were children.


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