Course PDFs

PDFs of our class readings will be posted here in advance of the class period for which they’re assigned.  It is required that you PRINT THESE OUT IN HARD COPY and bring them to class.  Those without the readings will be asked to leave the class and counted as absent.

“Carlos Burned Most of My Stuff”

Jonathan Culler, “What is Literature and Does It Matter?” from Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction*: CullerWhatIsLiteratureandDoesitMatter

Terry Eagleton, “The Rise of English”*: EagletonWhatIsLiterature

Select G.M. Hopkins journal entries (Gardner, ed. pp. 106-111): GMHopkinsJournalsExtract

Richter, “Introduction” from The Critical Tradition*: RichterIntroductionCriticalHeritage

G.M. Hopkins, “God’s Grandeur,” “As kingfishers catch fire,” “Inversnaid,” “Binsey Poplars,” “Hurrahing in Harvest.”  (You should have these in your Penguin edition of Hopkins; if you haven’t got the book yet, you can find them (and print them out!) here:

Please use the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) to navigate these poems:

Manley Hopkins: A Manual of Marine Insurance:

Manley Hopkins: A Handbook of Average.

Gilles Deleuze, “Lewis Carroll”:

Sigmund Freud, “On the Interpretation of Dreams”*: FreudInterpretationofDreams

Karl Marx, “The Fetish of the Commodity and its Secret” and “The Process of Exchange”*: MarxCapitalCommodityFetishandExchange

Susan Sontag, “Against Interpretation”*:  (Note this is an updated link; previous link had expired!)

Lewis Carroll, selected photographs*: lewis carroll photos (PPT)

Marx PPT: marxandsontag

Ferdinand de Saussure, FromCourse on General Linguistics*: SaussureCourseinGeneralLinguistics

Saussure PPT: SaussurePPT

Saussure Worksheet: Saussure Worksheet

Jay David Bolter and Richard Grusin, “Immediacy, Hypermediacy, and Remediation”*: Immediacy,Hypermediacy,Remediation

Alice in Wonderland, films (1951, 2010).  Be sure to watch both films.  Both are available on; instructions for accessing them are available here: Streaming Blurb.

Alice in Wonderland video game clip:

Alice (2010) Trailer:; Growth / Shrink scenes:

Michel Foucault, from The History of Sexuality: “The Incitement to Discourse” and “Method”*: (Note, PDF contains other material; only “Incitement” and “Method” are required): FoucaultHistoryofSexuality

Foucault PPT: FoucaultHistoryofSexuality

How to Make a Successful Tinder Profile:

Kiss Cam Video:

Foucault Close Reading for Class; foucaultclosereadingforprojector

Jacques Derrida, Youtube videos* (in “Video/Media Resources” tab)

Jacques Derrida, “Letter to a Japanese Friend”* (link now updated, old one had expired):

Jacques Derrida, “Signature Event Context”* derrida-signature-event-context

Bill McKibben, from The End of Nature*: McKibbenEndofNature

“Introduction,” from The Cambridge Introduction to Literature and the Environment: CambridgeIntrotoLitandEnvironment

“Animals,” from Ecocriticism: GerrardEcocriticismAnimals

Nathan K. Hensley, “In Nature’s Wake” Symposium Description*: Lannan Symposium1

Robert Hass, “The Problem of Describing Trees” and “Ezra Pound’s Proposition”*: Two Poems by Robert Hass; (or, use this PDF, but note that lines from other poems are included on reverse pages; please ignore those: HassTimeandMaterials)

Victoria Sambunaris, select images from Taxonomy of a Landscape*: available on her website, here:

Juliana Spahr, “Unnamed Dragonfly Species” and “Gentle Now, Don’t Add to Heartache”: SpahrWellThenThereNow

Juliana Spahr, “#Misanthropocene: 24 Theses”:

Audiorecording of Juliana Spahr reading “Gentle Now”* (available via Media Resources), here; or directly, here:

Margaret Ronda, “Mourning and Melancholy in the Anthropocene”:

Jorie Graham: “Sea Change”: grahamseachange

Robert Hass, “State of the Planet”*: Third poem in this PDF: HassTimeandMaterials

Jeremy Jackson, “Ocean Apocalypse” (YouTube)*:

Elizabeth Kolbert, The Sixth Extinction (lecture); Kolbert begins at 5:45:

Geological Novel? PPT: GeologicalNovel

Drowned World Beatrice Excerpt: thedrownedworldbeatriceexcerpt

Selected eco-disaster film: Votes are in! We’ll be watching Beasts of the Southern Wild. It is available on Sharestream, via Blackboard! Here are instructions on how to view it: streaming-blurb-2  (Day After Tomorrow is also streamed, in case you want to watch that too — but only Beasts of the Southern Wild is required!)

Terry Eagleton, from Marxism and Literary Criticism* (chs. 1, “Literature and History” and 2, “Form and Content”): EagletonMarxismLiteraryCriticism

Raymond Williams: “Determination” and “From Reflection to Mediation”* (Note this PDF contains other sections too, please just read those just named): RaymondWilliamsMarxismandLiterature

Nathan Hensley and Philip Steer, “Signatures of the Carboniferous: The Literary Forms of Coal.” (Please concentrate on the introduction!): nathan-and-philip-first-submission-nh-ps-revs-clean-copy

Fredric Jameson, “Preface” from The Political Unconscious* (note this is optional!): Jameson_The Political Unconscious

Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer, “The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception”*: AdornoHorkheimerCultureIndustry

Culture Industry PPT: TheCultureIndustry2015

Sharon Marcus et al., “Surface Reading: An Introduction”*: MarcusandBest, SurfaceReadingAnIntroduction

Jeffrey Williams, “The New Modesty In Literary Criticism”*:

Brian Dettmer, selected art pieces* (3 websites):

SAMPLE Video Game Close Readings: SampleVideoGameCloseReadings

Alexander Galloway, “Gamic Action, Four Moments,” from Gaming, pp. 1-38: Gaming_Essays on Algorithmic Culture

“Not Playing Around: Army to Invest $50 Million in Combat Training Games.”

Markuu Eskelinen, “The Gaming Situation,” Game Studies 1.1 (2001)

Jesper Juul, “Introduction to Game Time,” First Person, available online <>

Alexander Galloway: “Social Realism in Gaming.”  Game Studies 4.1 (2004):

Discuss video game: “Elegy for a Dead World” (Free keys from NH):



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