"My whole life I've wanted to be the kind of person anyone can lean on, and the more I look into each of the issues raised by the Engelhard Project, the more I am able to be that person." -Engelhard student

"This is quite possibly the best course I've ever taken at Georgetown." -Engelhard student

"In contrast to all of the other courses that I have taken during my college career, this course dealt with health and mental issues that are actually important to my friends, my peers, and me." -Engelhard student

"If only all courses could prove to be so relevant to my personal and educational growth….This class is truly reflective of what all courses in college ought to be." -Engelhard student

"I often left class invigorated and would go home to do more research on the matters we had focused on that day." -Engelhard student

"I appreciate that, even in a large class, I can feel a sense of personal gain and growth through the Engelhard Project." -Engelhard student

"This course really opened my eyes and gave me a new way of thinking." -Engelhard student

"This class made me think about my own life experiences and frame them in a more focused and thoughtful manner." -Engelhard student

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Engelhard training expands the campus safety net


The Engelhard Project’s biannual Safety Net training took place today, with a full panel of Health Professional Fellows representing Student Affairs, CAPS, and Health Education Services. New Engelhard Faculty Fellows and Teaching Assistant Fellows, along with guests from the School of Nursing & Health Studies, learned more about campus wellness resources through presentations from several health professionals. In the following discussion with the health professionals and each other, faculty and TAs had the opportunity to bring up situations they have faced in the past with their students and explore the best ways to meet their students’ needs. This semester, four new Faculty Fellows and six new Teaching Assistant Fellows enhanced their role in the campus safety net through the training and their involvement with Engelhard.

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Welcome back

The Engelhard Project is beginning its seventh year at Georgetown. The Project started its first semester in 2005 with six courses. This semester, over 20 courses are connecting life and learning by infusing an Engelhard wellness component into their curriculum. Among the new offerings for this fall are courses in the fields of Biological Physics, Ethics, Gender Studies, Peace and Justice Studies, and Theology. We look forward to a great semester with our new and returning classes!

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Engelhard Fellow’s new play

Engelhard Fellow Natsu Onoda Power’s adaption of The Omnivore’s Dilemma opened this week at Georgetown’s Davis Performing Arts Center. Read about Professor Onoda Power’s play and her new Engelhard course, The Spectacle of Eating, on the CNDLS blog.

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Engelhard Project hosts BTtoP Cross-site Meeting

As part of the Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) annual conference, the Engelhard Project recently hosted a gathering of representatives from universities across the country to discuss the engaged learning programs on their campuses. Georgetown University was represented by members of the Project team, who presented their experiences of bringing mental health and wellness into the classroom through curriculum infusion. Developing campus resources, fostering students’ civic engagement, and assessing learning outcomes were major topics of discussion during the all-day meeting.

The Engelhard Project receives funding from the Charles Engelhard Foundation of New York through a BTtoP demonstration site grant. Read more about Bringing Theory to Practice and its work here.

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Thank you to our Spring 2011 Engelhard Faculty Fellows

Engelhard Faculty Fellows work hard throughout the semester to bring wellness into the classroom through discussions, presentations, readings, and writing assignments. By introducing an Engelhard component into their courses, they help students make connections between academic topics and the students’ own lives. At the end of each semester, Fellows come together to exchange information about their courses, share student feedback, and reflect on their experiences.

Spring 2011 Faculty Fellows:

Edd Barrows, Biology
Yulia Chentsova-Dutton, Psychology
David Crystal, Psychology
Carol Day, Performing Arts
Justyna DesVergnes, Philosophy
Pablo Irusta, Human Science
Dan Merenstein, Family Medicine
Barbara Mujica, Spanish and Portuguese
Patricia O’Connor, English
Natsu Onoda Power, Performing Arts
John Rakestraw, Theology
Joan Riley, Health Studies and Human Science
Anne Rosenwald, Biology
Sarah Stiles, Sociology
Karen Stohr, Philosophy *
Alex Theos, Human Science *
Sarah Vittone, Health Studies
Jim Welsh, Human Science

* New Fellows

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Engelhard students create on-campus farmer’s market

A project started by Bre Donald (NHS ’12) and Melissa Gadsden (NHS ’12) in their Engelhard course is blossoming into an on-campus farmer’s market, the Hoya recently reported. The students first came up with the idea in Faculty Fellow Joan Riley’s class on Health Promotion. According to Professor Riley, their “work improves the quality of life on campus,” as the market will raise awareness of healthy eating. The two students have received a ReImagine Georgetown grant toward the project, as well as support from the campus and community.

The event, featuring cooking demonstrations and fresh produce from local vendors, will be held in Healy circle on April 27 from 2 pm to 6 pm. For more information, read the full article here.

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Conference examines Depression on College Campuses

The University of Michigan’s Depression Center is hosting its 9th annual Depression on College Campuses conference, from March 28 to 29. The focus of the conference this year is “Early Detection and Prevention,” with keynote presentations on community-based approaches and on personality and depression.

One goal of the Engelhard Project is to widen the “safety net” of professors and teaching assistants who are aware of the signs of depression and other wellness issues. By talking to their students, consulting with health professionals, and referring students to campus resources, Engelhard Faculty Fellows work to increase early detection of depression on Georgetown’s campus.

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New Engelhard Fellows receive Safety Net training

The Engelhard Project is pleased to announce that three new Faculty Fellows and six new Teaching Assistant Fellows have joined the Project this semester. The new Fellows have recently participated in Safety Net training. The training, which is run by the Engelhard Health Professional Fellows, is designed to familiarize new Fellows with campus wellness resources and equip them to recognize and address issues their students may face. Fr. Rick Curry (Theatre), Professor Karen Stohr (Philosophy), and Professor Alex Theos (Human Science) participated, along with TA Fellows Alan Ardelean, Kevin Durbin, Tony Ficarrotta, Franciso Gallegos, Alex McCobin, and Sean McNally.

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Engelhard Health Professional Fellows for Spring 2011 are announced

The Engelhard Project is proud to announce the Spring 2011 Health Professional Fellows. The Fellows discuss wellness issues in Engelhard courses, provide Safety Net training for new Faculty and TA Fellows, and support professors and students in connecting life and learning.

Carol Day (Health Education Services)
Susan Gordon (Counseling and Psychiatric Services)
Raia Gortcheva (Counseling and Psychiatric Services)
Patrick Kilcarr (Health Education Services)
Hallie Lightdale (Counseling and Psychiatric Services)
Phil Meilman (Counseling and Psychiatric Services)
Deborah Morone (Student Health Center)
Kenny Moon (Student Health Center)
Afshin Nili (Counseling and Psychiatric Services)
Alisa Schwartz (Counseling and Psychiatric Services)
Jen Schweer (Health Education Services)
Leigh Stewart (Counseling and Psychiatric Services)
Charlie Tartaglia (Counseling and Psychiatric Services)
Jim Welsh (Student Affairs)
John Wright (Counseling and Psychiatric Services)

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Engelhard Project team members at AAC&U Annual Meeting in San Francisco

Four members of the Engelhard Project team – Joselyn Schultz Lewis, Mindy McWiliams, Daryl Nardick, and Joan Riley – are currently in San Francisco at the AAC&U Annual Meeting on “Global Positioning: Essential Learning, Student Success, and the Currency of U.S. Degrees.” While there, they will attend meetings of the Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) Project, of which Georgetown’s Engelhard Project is a part. BTtoP is sponsored by the Charles Engelhard Foundation and developed in partnership with the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Offerings at the Annual Meeting include presentations on civic engagement and experiential learning by BTtoP team leaders and by panelists from participating universities. A BTtoP reception will also be held for past and current grantees of the project to discuss future initiatives and share ideas.

For more on the national Bringing Theory to Practice Project, click here.

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