"My whole life I've wanted to be the kind of person anyone can lean on, and the more I look into each of the issues raised by the Engelhard Project, the more I am able to be that person." -Engelhard student

"This is quite possibly the best course I've ever taken at Georgetown." -Engelhard student

"In contrast to all of the other courses that I have taken during my college career, this course dealt with health and mental issues that are actually important to my friends, my peers, and me." -Engelhard student

"If only all courses could prove to be so relevant to my personal and educational growth….This class is truly reflective of what all courses in college ought to be." -Engelhard student

"I often left class invigorated and would go home to do more research on the matters we had focused on that day." -Engelhard student

"I appreciate that, even in a large class, I can feel a sense of personal gain and growth through the Engelhard Project." -Engelhard student

"This course really opened my eyes and gave me a new way of thinking." -Engelhard student

"This class made me think about my own life experiences and frame them in a more focused and thoughtful manner." -Engelhard student

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Engelhard Professors Donoghue and Stiles recognized for teaching

Engelhard Faculty Fellows Maria Donoghue and Sarah Stiles were two of the three faculty given the 2012 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching to recognize their achievements with students. Both Fellows have repeatedly participated in the Engelhard Project. Last semester, Professor Donoghue taught “An Issues Approach to Biology ” as an Engelhard course. This spring, Professor Stiles is teaching two Engelhard courses: “Introduction to Sociology” and “Social Entrepreneurship and Change,” which is also a community-based learning course. The professors were especially recognized by the University for their dedication to undergraduate education.

Read more about the 2012 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching  here.

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Engelhard Fellow featured at Shift Series

Sarah Stiles, an Engelhard Faculty Fellow and Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology at Georgetown, is a featured speaker at the upcoming Shift Series on New Approaches to Social Issues. The national conference aims to bring experts and leaders from the fields of education, business, government, entrepreneurship, and nonprofit management together with students and faculty to discuss social issues. It is hosted by Compass Partners, with support from Georgetown University and the McDonough School of Business, among others.

Professor Stiles will be presenting at two sessions. In the first, Professor Stiles will be speaking on a panel about how to advance social entrepreneurship through the classroom, as she does in her Engelhard course “Social Entrepreneurship and Leading Social Change.” In the second, she will be leading a seminar on social change and the cinema. Congratulations to Professor Stiles on this new opportunity to share her work.

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Natsu Onoda Power presents new play

Astro Boy and the God of Comics is a new play created by Natsu Onoda Power, Georgetown Theater Professor and Engelhard Faculty Fellow, now playing at the Studio Theater in D.C. The play is based on Professor Power’s book God of Comics: Osamu Tezuka and the Creation of Post-World War II Manga (2009). Astro Boy is a high-energy performance piece that incorporates acting, drawing, puppetry, and media to tell the story of the famous Japanese character and his originator, Osamu Tezuka.

Professor Power is a long-time Faculty Fellow whose Engelhard course this semester, “Spectacle of Eating,” is based on her previous theater piece, The Omnivore’s Dilemma.

Read the Washington Post review of Astro Boy here.

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Welcome to our first-time Faculty Fellows

This spring, the Engelhard Project is pleased to have four new Faculty Fellows. Together with our many returning Fellows, they will be infusing wellness into the undergraduate curriculum through readings, presentations, and class discussions. The new Fellows have also participated in the Safety Net training run by the Engelhard Health Professional Fellows. The training prepares faculty to talk to their students about mental health and wellness, to recognize signs of distress, and  to refer students to campus resources. It is also an opportunity for faculty and campus health professionals to meet with each and talk about responses to student concerns. We welcome our new Fellows to the Engelhard Project:

Maryanne Lachet (Nursing)

Tony Manela (Philosophy)

Torsten Menge (Philosophy)

Adi Shafir (Philosophy)

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Maria Donoghue studies brain development

Engelhard Fellow and Associate Professor of Biology Maria Donoghue was recently featured in Georgetown College’s online news. Professor Donoghue’s research on the brain focuses on the cerebral cortex, which controls higher cognitive functions. With the support of a National Science Foundation grant, she investigates how the cerebral cortex develops at a cellular and molecular level.

The article also highlights Professor Donoghue’s commitment to her students and to engaged learning. She teaches her large, introductory biology lecture as an Engelhard course and talks about the neuroscience of depression in order to infuse wellness into the curriculum. She says: “It’s a way we can talk academically and intellectually about something that could be an emotionally charged topic without assigning any stigma.”

Read the full story here.

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Engelhard Fellows meet to reflect

Both the Faculty Fellows and the Health Professional Fellows are meeting in focus groups this week to discuss their experiences in Engelhard courses this fall. This series of reflection sessions occurs at the end of each semester, attended by the Fellows and facilitated by members of the Engelhard Project team. For Fellows, these sessions create a community of practice in which faculty and staff can meet their colleagues from other disciplines and departments and learn from each other’s interactions with students. For the Project team, the discussions help to provide insight into how each Engelhard course has been designed and put into practice.

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Upcoming book: Transforming Undergraduate Education

The Engelhard Project is excited to announce the publication of Transforming Undergraduate Education: Theory that Compels and Practices that Succeed. The new book is edited by Don Harward, President Emeritus of Bates College and co-founder of the Bringing Theory to Practice Project, which supports the Engelhard Project and for which the Georgetown campus provided a demonstration site.

Engelhard Project team members contributed two chapters to the book. Randy Bass (CNDLS) co-authored with Kenneth R. Bain a chapter entitled, “Threshold Concepts of Teaching and Learning that Transform Faculty Practice (and the Limits of Individual Change),” which critically examines how changing faculty members’ approaches to teaching can improve student learning. Another chapter, “Curriculum Infusion: Educating the Whole Student and Creating Campus Change”, co-authored by Mindy McWilliams (CNDLS) and Joan Riley (School of Nursing and Health Studies), contains a case study of the curriculum infusion model utilized by the Engelhard Project and provides guidance to how such a model could be implemented on other campuses.

Congratulations to Randy, Mindy, and Joan on the publication of their work!

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Visit from Dickinson College

The Engelhard Project team hosted representatives from Dickinson College for a visit on Friday. The day’s meetings were designed to showcase different parts of the Engelhard Project, in order to give the visitors information and ideas towards starting a similar initiative on their own campus. Shalom Staub, Dickinson’s Associate Provost for First-Year Programs and Community-Based Learning, and Alecia Sundsmo, Executive Director of their Wellness Center, met with Georgetown faculty, health professionals, and CNDLS staff members, all of whom are long-time fellows of and contributors to the Engelhard Project. The conversations covered many of the Engelhard Project’s accomplishments, challenges, and best practices, providing a comprehensive picture of how Engelhard infuses wellness into the undergraduate curriculum.

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Joan Riley named Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing

Joan Riley, Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing and Health Studies, was inducted as a fellow into the American Academy of Nursing on October 15. As a member of the Engelhard Project team from its beginning at Georgetown, Professor Riley continues to be involved each year with working and teaching for the Project. This semester, she is teaching three of her classes as Engelhard courses. Jeanne Matthews, Chair of the Department of Nursing, comments that Professor Riley’s “creativity and passion have made us think about new and better ways to engage our students in the classroom.”

Congratulations to Professor Riley!

Read the article from the School of Nursing and Health Studies here. Read more about Professor Riley here.

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Engelhard connects with national project

The Engelhard Project hosted members of the national Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) team for a campus visit this Thursday. BTtoP works to advance civic education, engaged learning, and the well-being of individual students, in partnership with the American Association of Colleges and Universities and with sponsorship from the Charles Engelhard Foundation. Four guests from BTtoP visited Georgetown: Don Harward, Project Director, BTtoP and Senior Fellow, AAC&U; Sally Engelhard Pingree, Trustee, The Charles Engelhard Foundation; Ashley Finley, National Evaluator, BTtoP and Director of Assessment, AAC&U; and Jennifer O’Brien, Project Manager, BTtoP.

At the all-day event, the BTtoP guests had opportunities to meet with Georgetown administrators, including the Vice President for Student Affairs and the Deans of Georgetown College, the Business School, the School of Foreign Service, and the School of Nursing and Health Studies. In addition, they had conversations with Georgetown faculty and staff involved with Engelhard, such as campus health professionals. Finally, the BTtoP guests and the Engelhard Project team met to discuss assessment and future goals.


Click here to learn more about BTtoP.

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