"My whole life I've wanted to be the kind of person anyone can lean on, and the more I look into each of the issues raised by the Engelhard Project, the more I am able to be that person." -Engelhard student

"This is quite possibly the best course I've ever taken at Georgetown." -Engelhard student

"In contrast to all of the other courses that I have taken during my college career, this course dealt with health and mental issues that are actually important to my friends, my peers, and me." -Engelhard student

"If only all courses could prove to be so relevant to my personal and educational growth….This class is truly reflective of what all courses in college ought to be." -Engelhard student

"I often left class invigorated and would go home to do more research on the matters we had focused on that day." -Engelhard student

"I appreciate that, even in a large class, I can feel a sense of personal gain and growth through the Engelhard Project." -Engelhard student

"This course really opened my eyes and gave me a new way of thinking." -Engelhard student

"This class made me think about my own life experiences and frame them in a more focused and thoughtful manner." -Engelhard student

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Welcome to our first-time Faculty Fellows

This spring, the Engelhard Project is pleased to have four new Faculty Fellows. Together with our many returning Fellows, they will be infusing wellness into the undergraduate curriculum through readings, presentations, and class discussions. The new Fellows have also participated in the Safety Net training run by the Engelhard Health Professional Fellows. The training prepares faculty to talk to their students about mental health and wellness, to recognize signs of distress, and  to refer students to campus resources. It is also an opportunity for faculty and campus health professionals to meet with each and talk about responses to student concerns. We welcome our new Fellows to the Engelhard Project:

Maryanne Lachet (Nursing)

Tony Manela (Philosophy)

Torsten Menge (Philosophy)

Adi Shafir (Philosophy)

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