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Give Us Your Feedback About the Trial Food Policy

Snacks in the CanteenAs the trial food policy is underway, the library will take the next few days to blog about your experiences.

Please feel free to send us your comments or questions through our suggestion form below, and we will group them into general categories and respond through the library’s Feedback Blog.
Your input is greatly appreciated and will provide us with necessary information we can use during our evaluation after the trial’s end.

Best of luck with your finals.

Law Library Response to 2010 Student Survey

Fifth Floor Atrium in E.B. Williams Law LibraryFor the past four years, the Georgetown Law Library has conducted a survey of students each Spring.  Shortly after the survey closes, we publish charts showing some of the quantitative results, which we announce on our blog. Student input from the survey helps us make decisions on adapting library services, materials and resources to best meet student needs. In addition to publishing charts, each year we provide narrative feedback, meant to show how the library is evolving based on student input. 

The Spring 2010 Law Library Survey Response is now online, where you can read about our updated computer labs, planned enhancements to book scanning options, changes to our website navigation menus, and updates on other services.

You can view all survey materials on the Annual Law Library Survey page.

We appreciate student input. Throughout the year, we hope to continue this dialog through our Law Library Feedback Blog, a place where we post answers to your student questions.  You can send comments and suggestions through our suggestion page.  The library will use the Feedback Blog to respond.

Take the Law Library Survey – Spring 2010

The Law Library is currently conducting a survey of all Georgetown law students. Please take about 10 minutes to give us your feedback about our reference services and research collections. We’re also looking for your thoughts about our facilities and a few other library-related items. We promise to read every comment submitted, and we’ll do what we can to act on and respond to your feedback. Take the 2010 Law Library Survey [Georgetown login required] One lucky student completing the survey will win a free Apple iPod touch (8 GB). We’ll keep the survey open through April 12 and select the winner of the Apple iPod touch the following week. Please don’t put off taking the survey until the last minute. We promise that it will only take a few minutes to complete the survey. Based on feedback from last year’s survey, we created an online group study reservation system, relocated the reference desk in the Wolff Library, purchased new self-serve scanners, and purchased new chairs for the Williams Reading Room. In addition, we added several shortcut links to the homepage, and now maintain a single calendar of library hours featured in several places on our site. You can read a summary of last year’s survey, together with our narrative responses. Here’s a profile of the students who replied last year. We hope to you’ll take the time to help us get at least this many responses this time around.

Library Hours – Labor Day Weekend 2008

Library Hours – Labor Day Weekend 2008

Library Hours

Williams Library Wolff Library
Saturday, August 30 9 am to 5 pm 9 am to 5 pm
Sunday, August 31 Noon to 8 pm Noon to 8 pm
Monday, September 1 8 am to Midnight 8 am to Midnight

Reference Desks Hours

Williams Reference Desk Wolff Reference Desk
Saturday, August 30 Closed Closed
Sunday, August 31 Closed Closed
Monday, September 1 Noon to 6 pm Closed