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The Executive Nomination Process – new research guide available

If you’re tracking the new administration’s nominees, check out the law library’s new Executive Nomination Process Research Guide. It will guide you through the nomination and confirmation process, highlight secondary sources on the process and link to sites for the Senate hearings which will be held in the new year.

The link to news sources allows you to survey the media’s coverage of the executive transition.

New Bluebooking Tool for Westlaw

CiteGenie, a new extension for the Firefox browser, promises to make the Bluebooking process easier and faster, at least when using Westlaw. LLRX has a review of the product and its features, and you can download the extension at

Remember that tools like this are not foolproof (we’ve already found some problems with CiteGenie) and that law students and lawyers still need to learn and understand how to use the Bluebook.

Summer Access to Lexis and Westlaw for GU Students

Did you know that law students do not generally have access to Lexis and Westlaw during the summer?

However, if you are in a summer academic program, working on a school project, working at a non-profit or unpaid internship, or studying for the bar exam, you may qualify for enhanced access.  Use the links below to register and for more information.

  • LexisNexis Summer Access Program (for all summer access information)
  • Westlaw
    • Academic, Non-Profit & Internship use (you will be required to sign in to access the form)
    • Bar Prep Access, sign on and click the banner ad on the right promoting
      the graduate survey and password extension program. Complete the survey and extend your

The Georgetown librarians and Lexis & Westlaw reps (log in for contact info) are happy to help you with questions.