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Library catalog outage on Thursday, August 18th

This Thursday, August 18th, the Georgetown Law Library catalog (GULLiver) will undergo maintenance beginning at approximately 11:00 am and lasting up to 8 hours (until 7:00 pm). During this time you may be unable to:

  • search GULLiver,
  • access online research databases, or
  • log in to your library account.

The law library website, our research guides, OneSearch, live chat, interlibrary loan, and other web services will remain available. However, links to online databases, books, and articles may not work.

Online resources that do not rely on the catalog server—including Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw—will be unaffected.

Thank you for your patience while we perform this necessary work. Below are some tips to help you work around this disruption. Please contact us via chat, phone, or e-mail if you have any questions or need help.

Finding Books, Articles, and Databases

  • OneSearch has a massive index that includes our entire catalog.
  • WorldCat has records on items held in libraries around the world, including at Georgetown Law.
  • The Georgetown University library website is a great alternative for accessing popular databases such as HeinOnline, Proquest Congressional, and more.

Accessing Electronic Resources While On-Campus

If you are (a) on-campus during this maintenance event; (b) connected to a Georgetown Law network; and (c) not afraid to do something a bit technical, then you may be able to reach online resources provided by the library by modifying the URL used to access them.

For example, suppose you click a link to JSTOR in one of our research guides.

If the catalog is down, then this link will result in an error. However, remove “0-“ and “” and it will work again.

To repeat, this trick only works if you are on-campus and connected to the Georgetown Law network.

What was Washington, D.C. like in the 1930s?

Historical newspapers offer a treasure trove of material on the social, political, intellectual and legal environment of a place. The library now offers access to The Evening Star a Washington, D.C. newspaper published from 1852 to 1981.

Background material on court cases, political appointees, legislation and more is searchable with this new database of PDF pages of the newspaper from the past couple of centuries.

Stay Current with Law360

Need to keep up-to-date with new developments in your practice area? Trying to identify current legal issues for a paper topic?

Law360 offers news and analysis on topics across the legal industry. Search by industry, practice area, litigation type, state, subject, and more.

You can also track developing stories by signing up for daily newsletters on industries or practice areas of your choice. To sign up, please (1) click on “Georgetown Law” on the top right after you log on to Law360; (2) select “Newsletter Signup” from the drop-down menu; (3) enter your LawMail address; (4) select topics for your daily update; and (5) click “Sign Up Now.”

Please ask a Reference Librarian if you have any questions about using Law360.

New Database: Regulatory Insight

Are you intimidated by administrative law research? Do you have trouble locating regulations that affect a particular section of the US Code? The library now has a new subscription that can assist you with regulatory research: ProQuest Regulatory Insight.

Regulatory Insight allows you to search by Public Law number, US Code citation or Statutes at Large citation. Researchers can locate regulations in the CFR and Federal Register that have been promulgated because of a particular law.

Feel free to ask a librarian if you have any questions about using Regulatory Insight.

Summer Use of Westlaw, Lexis, & Bloomberg Law

Wondering which research services you can use this summer? Check out the library’s Lexis, Westlaw, & Bloomberg Law information page for using these resources over the summer.  Don’t forget, we have hundreds of other databases too. Refer to our research page for the list of frequently used databases.  We’re also here all summer long to help you with research so contact us via chat, email, or phone.

Need Help Researching your Seminar Paper?

Did you know the library has over 100 Research Guides on topics such as Environmental Law, Aviation Law and Sports Law? Our guides are a great place to start when researching your seminar topic. They can point you to the most valuable resources available on your paper topic.

Googling a topic is not the way to access the best resources. Academic literature and specialized reports are often not readily available through Google and are best found through subject  databases. The library subscribes to these resources to support your research, so make use of these specialized databases.

Writing on social media? Did you know we have the ACM (Association of Computing Machines) Library?

Writing about Estate Planning? Have you checked out RIA Checkpoint?

What about Greenhouse Gases? Check out the Environmental Law Reporter!

All of these specialized databases are highlighted in our Research Guides. Feel free to ask a librarian if you need assistance.

Law Library Student Survey – 2016

To all current Law Students:

The Law Library is conducting a survey of all Georgetown law students. Please take about 10 minutes to give us your feedback on the law library’s collections, services and any related matters. We promise to read every comment submitted, and we’ll do what we can to act on and respond to your feedback.

Take the 2016 Law Library Survey

For the Spring 2016 Georgetown Law Library Survey, we will award four prizes of $50 to be added to the winners’ Georgetown GoCards. After completing the survey, you’ll have a chance to enter your email address to be entered for the drawing. We will keep the survey open through Monday, March 21st and plan to announce student winners soon after this.

It should only take a few minutes to complete the voluntary survey. Based on feedback in prior years, we released a new Map-It feature for the catalog, provided text transcripts to new video tutorials, purchased additional book scanners, replaced all desktop computers in the public areas in Wolff and Williams, opened a self-service café in the Williams Library, added adjustable standing desks in both libraries, and posted a prominent directory near the elevators as well as smaller signs on every entrance of the Williams Library.

You can review a summary of survey responses from 2007 to 2015 on our website.

New E-Journal Finder

Various databases that Georgetown subscribes to may offer the journal you are looking for — so how do you find the one that does? Or the one that does that offers coverage of the year for the article you are looking for?

Georgetown’s updated E-Journal Finder can help you find electronically published articles and books quickly. There is also an updated tutorial and text instructions on how to use the E-Journal Finder.

New Resources for Legal Historians

The library now has access to three new databases providing historical papers and biographical information of founding fathers.

While legal historians used to have to sift through papers to learn what John Marshall and John Jay had to say, they can now access this database and search for keywords, events, case names  and more.

Biographical information on over 25,000 people born between 1713 and 1815 is available in the People of the Founding Era database. You can find out information about every person George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, among others, corresponded with in the infancy of our nation.

Which Law Firms Represent that Company?

Have you ever wondered which law firms represent a particular company? Bloomberg Law has introduced a new feature called Law Firm Representation Analytics that will tell you just that. For example, here are the law firms that represent the company, Dominion Resources:


If you want to know what type of work those firms are doing for Dominion Resources, you can determine that too, by clicking further:


These new graphical tools can be useful if you’re interviewing with a company or a law firm or just curious about representation, so do a simple search for a company’s name in the Search box on Bloomberg Law, then click on the Suggested Companies link and check out the Law Firm Analytics.