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New Egyptian Constitutional Decree Available in English on HeinOnline

In March, The Egyptian Supreme Council of Armed Forces issued a Constitutional Decree which functions as the provisional constitutional law for the interim administration.  The expectation is that a new constitution will be created when a new parliament is elected.  An English translation of the decree is available on HeinOnline in the World Constitutions Illustrated library. 

Foreign Tax Laws Now Available on IBFD

We now have access to over 1400 foreign laws in English (mostly tax, but also oil, commercial, etc) from the IBFD Tax Research Platform!  IBFD stands for the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation and it is headquartered in Amsterdam.  More importantly, this organization is known as THE leading provider of cross border taxation research and other information.  Look for the link to National Legislation when accessing the IBFD Research Platform.  This content is provided by and also available on RIA Checkpoint. Now you know where to find the Cambodian law on taxation!

300 Year Old Laws Govern Royal Marriages

Prince William asked Queen Elizabeth II for her consent when he wanted to marry Kate Middleton.  While this seems quaint, it is required by the Royal Marriages Act of 1772.  According to the official website of the British Monarchy, King George III insisted on this law because he was disappointed in the marriages of his brothers.  Interesting side note, this was the same king that "lost" the colonies in the American Revolution.

The Act of Settlement (passed in 1700 and enacted in 1701) states that Roman Catholics, or anyone married to a Roman Catholic, cannot hold the Crown.  This law was meant to secure Protestant succession and maintain the Church of England.  These and other interesting materials are part of a mini display in the Wolff Library.  Look for the high table near the computers on the lower level of Wolff.

Accessing NYT For Free – How?

Now that the New York Times is charging to access their website, here is a great free option for browsing NYT content.  The Law Library subscribes to the New York Times via several databases that are available to Georgetown students, faculty, and staff.  Book mark this link – and it will work both on and off-campus.  Then, click on the Proquest link and select today’s date.  You’ll be presented with a list of today’s articles.  You can also try Access World News and select New York Times from the Shortcuts menu.

Foreign Cultural Property Legislation in English

Several U.S. museums have recently returned priceless antiquities to European nations after suspicions were raised about possible looting.  Foreign and international law are relevant to these situations and there is a new resource to track down foreign laws in English.  The International Foundation for Art Research is providing translations of over 25 jurisdictions.  Useful links to relevant U.S. statutes and case law are also available.

Some recent library publications on the topic of cultural property include: