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Neil Gorsuch Nominated to the Supreme Court

3494085120_93e5424dc6_mFollowing the nomination announcement of Judge Neil Gorsuch of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit to become the next Associate Justice of The Supreme Court, the Library has updated the Supreme Court Nominations Research Guide. We have compiled a list of resources concerning Judge Gorsuch which include biographical information, court opinions, appellate briefs, Congressional hearings and scholarly publications. We will continue to post more information, including links to confirmation hearings, so check our guide often for updates.


New Library Range Guides

The library is pleased to announce that we have installed new shelf guides in both the Williams and Wolff libraries. These guides protrude out from the end of the ranges to enable quick recognition of what is held in a particular shelving area.  We hope that these guides will assist you in locating materials within the stacks.

Williams Library - New Library Range Guides Wolff Library - New Library Range Guides

Our catalog also provides a Map-It feature that will pinpoint the location of a book by its call number. Look for the Map It Beta link below the call number when you’re viewing an item.


Law Library Response to 2015 Student Survey

Each spring, the Law Library conducts a survey of our students.  In 2015, 387 students responded to our survey, and we published summary charts of the responses back in April along with a list of items requested that we already offer. Now we’re publishing a survey response, to show examples of changes to library facilities, content and services guided by the useful student input.Law Library Response to 2015 Student Survey

We have published the 2015 Law Library Survey Response, where you can see highlights of new standing desks, prominent directories posted on each floor of the Williams library, as well as the redesigning of our research guides and the inclusion of text transcripts in our video tutorials.

We appreciate student input. Throughout the year, you are encouraged to send comments and suggestions through our suggestion page, and please keep an eye out for our next annual survey in spring of 2016.


2015 Student Library Survey: Resources and Services Update

In the recent student survey, we received several requests for services or resources that we already offer, and we are pleased to highlight them here. If you have additional questions about any of these, please contact any of our service desks.

  1. Mac computers are available at both locations (3rd floor of Williams, and the ICLC in Wolff).
  2. Mango Languages is available for language support.  Just sign up and get a jump start on learning a new language!
  3. A hot water dispenser can be found in the Canteen (Williams 1st floor).
  4. Hydration stations can be found in both locations (Williams Reading Room, 3rd Floor Wolff).  We are looking to add others.
  5. Leisure reading and DVD collections can be found in the Williams Reading room near the Loewinger Lounge.
  6. Bookstands, dry erase markers, and remote controls for the study room equipment are all available for checkout from our circulation desks.