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Summer Use of Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law

Wondering which research services you can use this summer? Check out the library’s Lexis, Westlaw & Bloomberg Law information page for using these resources over the summer.

Don’t forget, you also have access to many other useful databases. Refer to our research page for a list of frequently used databases or our full collection of online databases.

We’re also here all summer long to help you with research. Call, email, or chat with a librarian for research assistance during the library’s reference hours.

Bloomberg Law’s Tax Practice Center & Retire in December

Bloomberg Law: Tax will soon replace the Tax Practice Center. Starting on December 1, when you select “Tax” from the Practice Centers menu, you will be directed to Bloomberg Law: Tax, where you can access tax research content including BNA Portfolios and Bloomberg BNA Law Reports. The old Tax Practice Center will no longer be available.

On December 31, will retire for academic accounts, and you will no longer be able to access from the law school product menu. All of content will be available on Lexis Advance before the end date.

Questions? Contact a Reference Librarian. You may also contact our Bloomberg Law representative Liana Rizzi ( or our Lexis account executive Adonica Black (

Stay Current with Law360

Need to keep up-to-date with new developments in your practice area? Trying to identify current legal issues for a paper topic?

Law360 offers news and analysis on topics across the legal industry. Search by industry, practice area, litigation type, state, subject, and more.

You can also track developing stories by signing up for daily newsletters on industries or practice areas of your choice. To sign up, please (1) click on “Georgetown Law” on the top right after you log on to Law360; (2) select “Newsletter Signup” from the drop-down menu; (3) enter your LawMail address; (4) select topics for your daily update; and (5) click “Sign Up Now.”

Please ask a Reference Librarian if you have any questions about using Law360.