It was 40 years ago this summer …

GU Law Library "Verso", May 4, 1977

GU Law Library “Verso”, May 4, 1977










May 4 marks “Star Wars Day” — May the “fourth” be with you!  The original “Star Wars” was released on May 25, 1977.  Because of all the sequels and prequels it has spawned, it’s now known as “Episode IV”.  Go figure!   How many times did we line up to see “Star Wars” in theaters and marvel at the work of Industrial Light and Magic?!

The summer of 1977 marked a milestone for the GU Law Library, too:  the introduction of the library’s first OCLC terminal. The May 4, 1977 edition of “Verso”, a library newsletter, had this illustration on its front page, a fun comment on library high-tech of the time. “Verso” is contained in the records of the Law Library, part of the Law Center Archives, located in 210 Williams.

The OCLC terminal arrived on June 15, 1977. Automated processes and procedures are now so commonplace in libraries that we hardly think about them. In 1977 they were cutting edge.   The lead story in “Verso” of August 20, 1977 focused on all the untapped possibilities of the new system:

“The uses of OCLC for cataloging are the best known and card production is the most developed function. However, Charlotte Uthoff, our OCLC trainer from George Washington University, made it clear in her talk on June 15 that cataloging is one subsystem of OCLC and that the potential uses of the system are much broader.

Already a number of libraries are checking in serials on-line in a pilot test of that subsystem of OCLC. OCLC can be used by acquisitions as a fast and convenient tool for verifying bibliographic information. Information needed for inter-library loan is available through OCLC as the bibliographic record for each entry includes the symbols of libraries that hold that title. Potentially, a subsystem could be developed so that inter-library loan requests could be generated automatically, just as catalog cards can now be processed by pressing a couple of buttons. Another public service function that could be performed using OCLC is that of compiling bibliographies. While a subject search is not yet available, searches can be made on authors, titles, series, and other added entries such as joint authors or editors. It is also hoped than an automated circulation system compatible with OCLC can be developed.

So when you think of OCLC, think first of cataloging and then beyond!”

Forty years later, the GU Library continues to use technology in many innovative ways to serve Law Center students, staff, faculty, and the wider scholarly world.

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2 thoughts on “It was 40 years ago this summer …

  1. Wendy Moore

    Star Wars was released on May 25, 1977. “Star Wars Day” is just because it is fun to say “May the fourth be with you” – it doesn’t have anything to do with the release of any of the films.

    1. Carole Prietto Post author

      Thanks for the correction. I assumed that another part of the fun was that the 4th was actually the release date. Didn’t know it was the 25th. I’ll re-write the beginning of the post to reflect that. Thanks again for writing!

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