Need Help Researching your Seminar Paper?

Did you know the library has over 100 Research Guides on topics such as Environmental Law, Aviation Law and Sports Law? Our guides are a great place to start when researching your seminar topic. They can point you to the most valuable resources available on your paper topic.

Googling a topic is not the way to access the best resources. Academic literature and specialized reports are often not readily available through Google and are best found through subject  databases. The library subscribes to these resources to support your research, so make use of these specialized databases.

Writing on social media? Did you know we have the ACM (Association of Computing Machines) Library?

Writing about Estate Planning? Have you checked out RIA Checkpoint?

What about Greenhouse Gases? Check out the Environmental Law Reporter!

All of these specialized databases are highlighted in our Research Guides. Feel free to ask a librarian if you need assistance.

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