Interactive Tools for Exam Preparation

With finals approaching, don’t forget that the Library offers several interactive tools that can provide a break from reading and outlining. CALI lessons also provide feedback so that you know how well you’ve mastered a topic.

CALI lessons are interactive, computer-based tutorials written by law professors and librarians.  CALI publishes over 800 CALI lessons in 33 different legal subject areas. With so many options, there is likely a CALI Lesson available for most of the topics and subjects you wish to study before exams. If you are registering a free account at for the first time, note that you must use our school’s authorization code to create a new account. Stop by the reference desk to pick up your authorization code.

AudioCaseFiles  is a collection of digitally recorded reported court decisions. This collection includes MP3 format recordings of cases in many law school casebooks. The media is in MP3 format and once downloaded, the audio can be played from a personal computer, burned to a CD for listening in the car or at home, or a portable player, such as an iPod.  The Law Library has arranged for access for Georgetown Law students. Follow the directions outlined here.


Sum & Substance is a series of lectures on fundamental legal topics, such as contracts or property, recorded in CD format. The lectures offer a condensed summary of each topic, and are delivered by prominent law professors. A list of CDs that Georgetown owns is available from the catalog.   Most Sum & Substance CDs are on reserve at the circulation desk.

The library has many other study aids available, including  Nutshells and Examples & Explanations.  Use the Treatise Finder to locate them by subject.

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