New Year, New Westlaw Password

Happy New Year in sparklers ( / CC BY 3.0

In the spirit of making changes in the New Year, Westlaw just announced they are requiring all users to reset their passwords. Unless you created your account or changed your password after October 7, 2014, you must change your password by January 12 to avoid being temporarily locked out of Westlaw and TWEN.

If you’re still riding the New Year’s waive of being proactive in all endeavors, follow these steps to change your password before Monday, January 12:

  1. Log into
  2. Click the blue Update link to the right of your name
  3. Then click the blue  Manage OnePass Profile button
  4. Enter and re-enter a new password
  5. Click the Save button

If you do not change your password by Monday, January 12, your old password will cease to work on Tuesday, January 13. Don’t stress too much though, because restoring access is easy.  Just click the “forgot password” link on the Westlaw login page, and you’ll be taken through the password reset process to get you into the account.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact our Westlaw’s customer service number (1-800-850-WEST).

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