Exams have arrived.

While others may be decking the halls and filled with goodwill towards man, law students know the truth…the most miserable time of the year is upon us. That’s right – exams are here. But never fear intrepid Georgetown Law students. We have your back here at the library. We can’t take those exams for you (and you probably wouldn’t want us to even if we could) but we can make your lives just slightly less awful as you prepare for your doom.

For instance, did you know we have research guides on many subjects? These guides compile sources for you so that you don’t have to seek them out one by one, saving you valuable time. We also have tutorials for certain subjects as well. And don’t forget that you can access exam archives through the library website. One of the best ways to prepare for an exam is to look at old exams from your professor and you’ll find those in the online archive. You can also reserve study rooms from the library so that you can share your misery with friends. Prefer to suffer alone and in silence? We do offer free ear plugs at the reference desks, along with scrap paper, and pens, while supplies last.

You may have noticed that the library moved to 24-hour access starting December 1. That will last through Saturday, December 20 and that applies to both Williams and Wolff. Additionally, there is coffee offered at Williams every night from Monday December 8 through Thursday December 18th, starting at 8pm so that you can stay up all night and enjoy being in the library at 4am. What fun.

Finally, we also have chargers, thumb drives, and other gadgets available for checkout at circulation so that you can keep your electronics awake with you. If you’re at Williams, you can also access study aids in the Reading Room Reserve, located in the side room just next to the printers and scanner.

We can’t get you out of taking exams. But we can try to make the process less painful for you. And the best news of all is, they’ll be over eventually and then you can enjoy the holidays with everyone else. Good luck! We’re all counting on you.

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