Law Genius – Crowd Commentary on Cases and Codes

If you’ve ever wanted a commentary on texts as diverse as Marbury v. Madison, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act or the iTunes terms of service, then there’s a perfect site for you:  Law Genius. Specifically, this is the Law branch of  This is a crowd-sourced annotation platform where anybody can add commentary, analysis and images to texts as diverse as music lyrics, cases and contracts.   They even offer selected essays such as Jay-Z’s 99 Problems, Verse 2: A Close Reading With Fourth Amendment Guidance for Cops and PerpsGeniusLogo

Started as Rap Genius, it now includes thirteen categories, including five musical genres.  Last month, they added the Law School Genius page, grouping cases into broad topics billed as ‘casebooks.’  Currently there are far more cases without annotations than with them, but this may change if crowds convene to comment.

If you’re looking for more traditional commentary and explanations of the law, look no further than our Treatise Finder collection. For this, Georgetown Law librarians selected and organized leading study aids and treatises in more than fifty subject areas.

If you prefer narrative case descriptions with historical context, consider books in the Law Stories series. Each title contains a set of essays on leading cases in subject areas ranging from evidence to environmental law.

LawStories-coversWhether or not Law Genius takes off, the broader site is a great place to explore the back story to lyrics from BeckBeyoncé or Garth Brooks.


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