He sees you when you’re sleeping; he knows when you’re awake …

Santa may rely on the Elf on the Shelf for his surveillance, but the US government uses the NSA.

If you’re doing research related to the NSA and other electronic surveillance, The Library has a trial subscription (expiring December 25) to ProQuest Collection: Electronic Surveillance and the NSA.

The database includes documents on SHAMROCK (telegram collection), MINARET (the watch list), warrantless wiretapping, ECHELON (satellite communications intercepts), and USSID 18 (retention of information on U.S. citizens).

The vast majority of the collection focuses on records, such as in Operation Mystic, related to the classified documents leaked by Edward Snowden to a handful of journalists and that were ultimately published by newspapers, including The Guardian, The Washington Post, and The New York Times — (available as part of ProQuest Historical Newspapers™ to cross-reference historic coverage on the topic of electronic surveillance. For more information on newspaper research, please see our research guide).

If you use the trial database and have any comments, please let us know.

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