SNL makes a funny about the legislative process

On Saturday night, the three people who still watch Saturday Night Live were treated to a delightful parody of the classic Schoolhouse Rock! “I’m just a Bill” cartoon. By Sunday afternoon, the rest of us had heard about it and had a chance to laugh along as well. In addition to sending up the 70s-era educational cartoon, the skit also skewered the President’s executive order on immigration. But what if you want to know more about the very real and serious processes that led to 3 minutes of chuckles? We’ve got you covered here at the law library.

For starters, we have a research guide on legislative history and a helpful chart of the various resources that comprise legislative histories and where they can be found. We also have a research guide on Presidential Documents with a section on executive orders. For databases in which to do legislative research, you cannot beat ProQuest Congressional, which you can access from the library website, under our list of Frequently Used Databases.

As to whether SNL got it right with their skit, that remains up for debate. However, SNL has us talking about the legislative process and that’s nothing to shake a stick at.

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