FIFA Disciplinary Code & Biting

What happens when a soccer player bites another player?  Article 43 of the FIFA Statutes includes provisions for a FIFA Disciplinary Committee whose functions are governed by the Disciplinary Code.  It looks like Article 48 (see page 30) of A deep dive into the wonders of Skellville: Dinosaur teeththis code addresses misconduct against opponents and 48(3) allows for the application of Article 77 (page 44) which states that “the Disciplinary Committee is responsible for: a) sanctioning serious infringements which have escaped the match officials’ attention.”  This is important since no red card was given to the Uruguay player Luis Suarez during the game.  Note that decisions from the Disciplinary Committee can be appealed to the Appeals Committee.  Visit the FIFA website for more information on FIFA laws and regulations.

Attribution License by kevin dooley

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