Accessing Special Collection’s New Finding Aids

The Special Collection finding aids have been updated and are now accessible for download and searching.  You can discover the finding aids for the Manuscript Collections ( and the National Equal Justice Library (

Below are some of the ways you can search the Special Collection finding aids.

Keyword Searching

Start by accessing the Special Collections main page using the link below.

The easiest way to search all of the Special Collection finding aids is currently by keyword:  Go to the search box, and click search this collection (this will apply to all the SPECL collections that are in Digital Georgetown, including the finding aids).  To you can also use this search method in the separate collections called “Finding Aids” under both the Manuscripts and NEJL sub-collections (following the links above).


Browse by Author or Subject

You can also search the collections by author or subject from the Law Library’s main page (shown above and below) or within the National Equal Justice Library or the Manuscripts Collection sub-collections (use the links above):



Using the Filter

To use the filter option you have to have already performed a search. The images below will walk you through using the filtered search function.  To note, the filtered search is case sensitive, so use a capital “A” in Finding Aids.

Step 1 Begin Your Search:


Step 2 Add Filter:


Step 3 Choose Filter Options:


Step 4 Add “Finding Aid” to Filter:


Step 6 Run Filter Search:


If you have any problems accessing finding aids or issues searching, please contact Special Collections at .

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