PLI Discover Plus for Treatises, Course Handbooks & Forms

Practicing Law Institute(PLI) has long been a leader in the publication of practice oriented material for the legal industry and some of their books were previously included on Lexis & Westlaw. No more!

PLI Discover Plus is the database that researchers must now use to access PLI treatises, course handbooks & transcripts, as well as their forms and answer books. Whether looking to read a treatise, such as Art Law or Working With Contracts: What Law School Didn’t Teach You, or looking for material from one of their recent courses, such as Mergers & Acquisitions or Risks of Social Media, you can now search by keyword or browse by title for this material.


Articles can be e-mailed or printed so they can be easily referred to multiple times. While Corporate & Securities, Intellectual Property and Litigation are the top subjects featured on PLI Discover, the database includes material on almost all legal areas. Feel free to ask a reference librarian if you have any questions about PLI Discover Plus.

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