Do Your Scholarly Reading on Your Tablet

How often have you had to wait somewhere and just scrolled through your e-mails to pass the time? Now, you can be productive and read academic articles on your iPad and other tablets with the Browzine app. Once you download the app (Apple and Android), you will have to select Georgetown University and authenticate yourself as a member of the Georgetown community by entering your netID and password. Browzine continues to add more and more academic journals. Some of the thousands currently included are:

  • The American Journal of Jurisprudence
  • The Journal of Legal History
  • Review of Law & Economics
  • The Supreme Court Review
  • Journal of Tort Law
  • European Journal of Health Law

You can read the full text of the articles published in these journals and many of the journals include archival issues as well.

Feel free to consult a reference librarian if you have any questions about Browzine.

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