Doing Research? Manage Your Citations with Zotero

About to start a big research project? Managing your research materials can be a huge headache.  Luckily, there are a few software options to manage citation data, notes, and other information, then start inserting citations into your work using automated tools.*

The library has just completed three tutorials on one of these tools, a citation manager called “Zotero.”  You can learn how to get started, how to get organized and collaborate with other Zotero users, and how to use Zotero to insert citations into your writing.

If you want hands-on or in-depth help using these tools, please contact Jill Smith.

The library has a long and ever-growing list of tutorials to help you perform a variety of research tasks – if you need information about how to use an unfamiliar research tool or search for a new type of resource, consult our directory of tutorials.

* Automatically created citations should be checked carefully for errors in the data or formatting.

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