Keeping Up With Legal News: Law-Related Podcasts

A great way to keep up with news on the go is to subscribe to podcasts you can listen to during your commute, at the gym or walking across town.  Whether you’re studying the law or practicing it, there are great law-related podcasts from established and emerging providers. Here are three tips for podcasts that offer law-themed content on a regular basis.

This Week in Law



Each Friday afternoon on This Week in Law, well-known legal bloggers Denise Howell and Evan Brown provide a summary and discussion of the latest developments in the law.  Topics focus on Internet privacy, technology law, social media lawsuits, intellectual property disputes and a host of related topics.  Regular guests provide additional insights and lively discussion.  There’s even an active chat room if you tune in during the live broadcast. Check out the rest of the TWiT network for many other tech-focused shows.

Lawyer 2 Lawyer Podcast

The Legal Talk Network hosts more than a dozen law-related podcasts, covering technology, eDiscovery, subject-specific news and materials for paralegals and medical professionals.  One of the network’s longest-running series is the Lawyer 2 Lawyer podcast.  In this, show hosts Bob Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams cover a broad range of topics, often touching on technology issues, ranging from drones to bitcoin to Google Books.

Fastcase Presents: The Law ReviewAn brand new legal podcast series comes as a daily news update called The Law Review.  Launched early in 2014, this is hosted by Josh Auriemma, creator of the Legal Geekery blog and podcast, who now works for the show’s host, Fastcase.  A typical episode features a selection of the latest latest legal developments and as much commentary as Josh and his invited guests can cover in around ten minutes.



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