It’s 10 p.m.- Do You Know Where Your Laptop Is?

‚Äčlaptop and studentEveryone should be aware that unfortunately we still have the occasional incident of suspected theft, and there is probably nothing more distressing to students than loss of a laptop- most likely among their most important possessions at the end of the semester. Indeed, such a loss may create real havoc in lives and studies.

Laptops and other portable electronic devices cannot be left alone for one moment! So how can we work together as a community to prevent or minimize such losses, especially at the end of the semester when paper deadlines and looming exams take up mental “bandwidth,” leaving less attention available to monitor possessions? Here are some tips from around the library and around the web:

  1. Register your laptop with the manufacturer and write down the serial number of your machine and keep that somewhere else safe.
  2. Back up data in a second location, such as using your account on the Georgetown Box service available to all students, or you can use another service or a flash drive.
  3. Consider using tracking and location tools. Here are some articles with tips on tracking software and other tips from

Have a safe and secure holiday, and best of luck on exams!


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