Sending WestlawNext Documents to Your Kindle

If you have a Kindle, you can send documents directly from WestlawNext to the device.  However, in order for this to work you first have to authorize WestlawNext’s e-mail with Amazon, otherwise your Kindle will treat the e-mail as spam and reject the attachment.  Here is how to perform that authorization and use the Send-to-Kindle feature (for users of the Kindle App on a non-Kindle device such as a tablet or smartphone, please also see the postscript below).

First, select “Manage Your Kindle” under “Your Account.” settings

The resulting page will have a long sidebar on the left.  Select “Personal Document Settings.”  amazon2

At the top of this page is the e-mail address (or addresses if you have multiple Kindles or devices with the Kindle App) where you can send documents.amazon3

At the bottom of this page is where you add approved e-mail addresses.  It is generally advisable to add your own email address(es) so you can forward documents to your Kindle from your own account(s) as well.  If you have a Kindle, add to this list.amazon4 - Copy (

Having authorized the e-mail address(es), you send documents to a Kindle using the same menu you use to email, print, or download documents.westlaw

Use the email address for your kindle that is displayed in the Send-to-Kindle E-mail Settings on the Personal Document Settings page discussed above.westlawA

Postscript for Kindle App Users

If you don’t have a Kindle device but you have a device with a Kindle App installed, you can still send documents but it requires a small workaround.  First use the e-mail feature in WestlawNext and send the PDF version of the document to yourself.westlaw1

When the document arrives in your inbox, simply forward it to the device’s e-mail.  (You will need to authorize your own e-mail address at Amazon per the main instructions above).westlaw2

When the device syncs, the document will be in your library.  If you want to send a lot of documents to your device, create an e-mail rule that automatically forwards all mail from to your device’s account.

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