September 17 is App-solutely Constitution Day

Coinciding with today’s Constitution Day and Citizenship Day (36 USC § 106), there’s a new government-developed app where you can find hundreds of pages of annotations and analysis of our United States Constitution.  This is available now in the iTunes store for the iPhone and iPad platforms, and it’s free.  Developed by the Library of Congress, this app includes more than 2800 pages of materials popularly known as the Constitution Annotated.  The Constitution Annotated provides a clause-by-clause explanation of the United States Constitution, with references to nearly 8,000 Supreme Court cases. Constitutional law experts from the Congressional Research Service author the treatise and the Government Printing Office publishes the editions and supplements.  2013 marks the 100th anniversary of the print publication, which is now available online and in an app.

You can read a great review of the app at Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites blog.  As he points out, the app will take just over 100 MB of space on your Apple device.  Individual sections from the Constitution Annotated can be downloaded on any device of your choosing, and they appear as authenticated PDF files from the Government Printing Office.

As long ago as 2002, it was novel to have a mobile version of the United States Constitution, such as for the Palm OS.  Today you get much deeper depth of analysis provided for free from our government.

This app and several others are featured in our page of Mobile Apps on the Georgetown Law Library website.

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