Legal Resources on the Use of Force Against Syria

Using its newly redesigned platform, Oxford Public International Law, the editors at Oxford Online (with specific content created by John Louth) have created an information hub for the Syrian chemical weapons crisis at the site for their collection of databases. The news and blog posts reside alongside their electronic versions of Oxford publications, including interrelated texts linked through their bibliographic tool for cross-referencing cases and sources, the Oxford Law Citator.  The Debate Map linked there outlines issues raised by the use of such weapons in a civil war and draws upon blogs, in-depth news stories, and articles published through OUP journals; while one of the blogs is sponsored in part by OUP (Opinio Juris), there is scholarly opinion from the open web on topics such as humanitarian intervention. the legality of arming rebels, arms control, responsibility to protect, and exploration of possible recent precedents.

The law library subscribes to the Oxford Reports on International Law (annotated and analyzed case law, from both international and national courts) and the Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law as well as a wealth of related resources from several other publishers, all available electronically: International Law Reports (major, frequently cited decisions and some arbitral awards dating back to 1902 via Justis Ltd., UK), Recueil des Cours/Collected Courses of the Hague Academy (via Hein Online), and Kluwer’s International Encyclopaedia of Laws (covering various subjects of comparative law; linked in this post is a sample of one module, criminal law). These, and a wealth of additional resources in print, enable researchers to look in-depth at international law implications of events while¬† the headlines continue to track the story as it unfolds in our national and global politics.

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