News and Notes for New Students 2013 – Pt. II

Going into the first weekend of the school year, we’re getting a lot of welcome traffic in the Library and many questions at the reference desks from new students. Here are a few of the most common, complete with answers:

Where are the U.S. Code and/or state code books that I need for my LRW assignment?
The official United States Code and its annotated forms (U.S.C.A. and U.S.C.S.) are located in the Williams Reading Room, along with other federal primary law materials. The Guide to Resources in Williams Reading Room (look in your Library orientation folder for a printed copy) will show you more precisely where each set is.

To locate a state statutory code, first see the Library’s research guide for the state (browse the alphabetical list of all guides). In the state’s guide, find the section for “Statutes & Legislation” – there are links to the relevant databases on Westlaw and Lexis, plus the call number for the printed code in the Library. Use the locations guide on the Library website or the maps on the touchscreen displays (Williams circulation desk and Wolff lower level) to determine the call number location in the building.

Where can I find a good study guide or supplement for Civ Pro/Torts/Contracts, etc.?
You can use the Library’s online Treatise Finder to see the titles our librarians have identified as exceptional in their field – both study aids and more in-depth scholarly and practitioner-oriented works.

A wide selection of current-edition hornbooks, nutshells, and other study aids is available in Reading Room Reserve, on the second floor of the Williams Library. These materials don’t circulate, but you’re welcome to use them within the Williams reading room. Be sure to look in the Library catalog for older editions of books in Reading Room Reserve – many are now part of the general collection in the stacks and can be checked out. Audio/visual study aids on CD/DVD are at the Williams Circulation Desk, and are available for three-hour check out.

For self-paced review on dozens of legal topics including all first-year subjects, check out CALI – Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction. Visit the Reference Desk in Williams or Wolff to get a free DVD containing current CALI lessons, plus a password to access lessons online at

When is the Library open?
A comprehensive calendar of Library hours for the Williams and Wolff buildings, reference services, and circulation desks is on the Library’s website (on the homepage, click on “About the Library” on the left, then the “Hours” link that appears below it on the next page). To quickly see today’s hours, scroll to the bottom of any page on the website – they’re to the right of the map. Please note that circulation desk hours differ from those for the Library buildings: If you’re in the Library late at night or early in the morning, be sure to plan accordingly for checking out items.

I’m interested in working at the Library. How can I find out more about student jobs?
Throughout the year, there are numerous opportunities for student employment in the Library – for example, working at the Williams or Wolff circulation desks, or helping with faculty research as an assistant for Library Research Services. As jobs become available, openings may be posted in the Law Center’s weekly “What’s Happening” newsletter, both online and posted around campus. You can also always inquire with the Library’s Executive Officer, Tracey Thomas, at The Library wouldn’t run without our student employees, and we’d be delighted to have you join us!

Have other questions?
Of course you do! Let us know at the reference desks (contact us), and check the Law Library blog, Facebook page, and Twitter page often for answers and other useful info.

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