Free Westlaw Printing Ends June 30

As announced last semester, Westlaw will discontinue no-cost printing at law schools nationwide this summer. Printing to the dedicated Westlaw printers in Williams, Wolff, and elsewhere at the Law Center will end on Sunday, June 30.

The printers will no longer appear in the selection menus in WestlawNext and Westlaw Classic, although the option to send a job to a printer attached to your computer will remain:

WestlawNext print menu

Shortly after the printers go offline, they will be removed from their current locations and be repurposed at the Law Center.

As an alternative to printing, both Westlaw platforms offer numerous free options for downloading and emailing documents in PDF, Word, and other formats. WestlawNext additionally lets you export content to Kindle, and has numerous tools for annotating and organizing your documents online see Westlaw’s tips on using notes and folders.

Printing to Lexis printers at the Law Center remains functional and free, although only content from Lexis Advance may be sent to them. Free printing from ended on June 22.

Questions? Contact the reference desk or Westlaw Academic Account Manager Pedro de Lencastre at for assistance. For more information on using Westlaw and other major legal research platforms at Georgetown Law, visit

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