One More Item Before Graduation – Library Books Due By May 14th

Dear Graduates,

On behalf of the entire law library staff: Congratulations!  We hope you have had a fantastic and enriching experience here. It has been rewarding to work with all of you.

Please add one more item to your list of things to do to prepare for graduation.

Please return your library books as soon as possible. As of April 26th a TEMPORARY charge of $120 has been placed with Student Accounts for each item still checked out by a graduating student. Those who have unpaid accounts on graduation day will not receive either their transcript or diploma during the commencement ceremony.

How to remove a fine:

Simply return the item. Once you return all of your library materials, we will remove those charges. Credits will be issued as the books are returned.

Please make every effort to return your books by noon on May 14. This will give both the Library and the Student Accounts department ample time to clear your records with the Registrar and ensure that you receive both your final transcript and diploma at the graduation ceremony.

We invite you to stop by either the Wolff or Williams circulation desk to see if you have any outstanding library books to return. You may also check your Library Account online by logging in with NetID at

If you do not return all items by May 14, you will have to take a few more steps — but don’t worry. 

If you need your library materials after May 14 to complete a paper or take an exam, simply see the staff of either the Wolff or Williams Libraries. We can work with you and the registrar’s office so that you won’t have outstanding library fines on graduation day.

How do you remove library holds on your record after May 14?

Simply return the items. Once all books are returned, the library will promptly remove all charges.

Once again the library applauds your accomplishments.  We look forward to your future visits as returning graduates.

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