ScienceDirect Mobile App Supports Interdisciplinary Research

In a recent discussion with Georgetown law graduates working in a D.C. law firm, many commented that they wish they had become more familiar with databases other than Westlaw and Lexis. A bulk of their research has turned out to be interdisciplinary in nature. ScienceDirect is one of those databases provided by the library, which supports interdisciplinary research in both the physical sciences and the social sciences.

Now, there is even a mobile app available for researchers using ScienceDirect. Once members of the Georgetown Law community connect to ScienceDirect,  look in the QuickLinks box for a link to the ScienceDirect Info Site.



On this site, there is a direct link to Go Mobile!


You will then be able to select the appropriate mobile app for your device.



Use ScienceDirect to access journal articles on psychology, decision making, business management, as well as pharmacology and environmental science.

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