Tax Preparation Resources

Preparing your own taxes? Several resources in the Bloomberg Law Tax Practice Center that may be of particular interest for your own return preparation are “BNA Bloomberg Fast Answers: Federal Tax” and the “Tax Practice Series.” Fast Answers provides quick, brief, explanations of common tax issues, and the Tax Practice Series provides additional detail in an easy-to-use format.

If you get audited, Bloomberg Law also has the “IRS Practice Adviser” with helpful instructions on the audit and appeals process, calculating interest and penalties, and collection.  

All three resources are in the “BNA Portfolios and Analysis” section of the Tax Practice Center.  

Although some of these same materials are available in the Bloomberg BNA Library database, the interface is significantly easier to use on Bloomberg Law.  

Students and faculty interested in requesting an account on Bloomberg Law may obtain one by following the instructions available in the Library’s catalog.


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