New Exhibit in Library Atrium – Children and Advertising Collection

New in the Library Atrium Exhibit cases is the Children and Advertising Collection exhibit.  From 1976 to 1978 the Georgetown Law Center held the Children and Advertising Seminar to discuss the effects of advertising on children. The Children and Advertising Collection is unique in that it contains varied sources discussing television broadcasting and advertising, focusing on children’s television issues related to, the First Amendment, nutrition, violence, minorities, women, sex, and child abuse. There are also numerous Government related materials including Senate subcommittee hearing documents; legislative materials; FTC & FCC regulatory codes, and Congressional transcripts and reports. Along with Industry related materials including commercial storyboards and industry reports that focus on advertising and children’s nutrition.  The collection has multimedia as well, in the form of commercials clips, such as Uncle Ben’s Rice Treasure Hunt 1976 and Post Grape Nuts Rookies 1974.  Stop by the Atrium to take a look and learn more about this interesting collection.

For more information on this collection, please visit Special Collections in Williams 210 or contact Hannah Miller at

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