New Library Acquisition – The Quincy Wright Collection

The Law Library has recently acquired a collection of papers by esteemed international law scholar Quincy Wright (1890-1970).  Quincy Wright is considered the father of international relations.  He had a long career as a professor of social science and international law that spanned 40 years.  He began teaching at Harvard University and eventually ended up at Chicago where he taught from 1923-1956.  One of his main scholarly interests was war and preventions to war.  This scholarly interest contributed to his magnum opus The Study of War, written in 1942.  He was widely known and active in the international community, serving as adviser to Justice Robert H. Jackson at the Nuremburg Trials.  He also worked with and advised both the League of Nations and the United Nations on matters of international relations.  

The Quincy Wrigth Collection contains manuscripts, correspondence as well as many offprints from around the world spanning the years 1920-1965.  Quincy Wright was a great reader and his collection of offprints is filled with detailed notes and marginalia. The Quincy Wright Collection will be available for research soon in Special Collections.  For more information, please contact Hannah Miller at or 1-202-661-6602.

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