Big Data and the Law: Prof. Blackman and Assisted Decisionmaking

The Georgetown Law Library’s symposium, Big Data and Big Challenges for Law and Legal Information, will explore a range of topics related to the applications of big data in legal scholarship, practice, and policy.

One of our panelists, Professor Josh Blackman, will provide a fascinating introduction to assisted decisionmaking and “how viewing the law as data can facilitate the analysis of how courts work and how courts decide cases. ¬†With this foundation, he will explore how attorneys can use this technology to improve the representation of their clients and how non-lawyers can obtain easier access to justice.”

To learn more about Professor Blackman’s research and scholarship in this area, see Josh Blackman, Adam Aft & Corey Carpenter, FantasySCOTUS: Crowdsourcing a Prediction Market for the Supreme Court, 10 Nw. J. Tech. & Intell. Prop. 125 (2012), visit, and watch the symposium live online on Wednesday, January 30.

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