German Federal Constitutional Court rules on German participation in the European Stability Mechanism

Today the German Federal Constitutional Court ruled on a request from what the New York Times called a group of “German lawmakers, academics and some 37,000 citizens” for a temporary injunction blocking German payments into the “bailout” fund to assist struggling member states’ economies as the European sovereign debt crisis continues. The court did not rule on the formal constitutionality of this long-term and possibly more permanent arrangement, however. An extended extract of the decision, in English, is posted at the official site of the Budesverfassungsgericht, BVerfG, 2 BvR 1390/12 . German taxpayers have been concerned about the continuing sovereignty of their elected Parliament to determine how their tax money is being spent as the euro crisis unfolds. The court apparently believes that the Bundestag’s continuing budgetary responsibilites in the arrangements will be effective, at least until shown to be otherwise. 

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