Prepare for Exams with Study Aids

 Study aids can help you prepare for exams by supplementing your assigned readings and lectures, clarifying confusing concepts, and even providing practice questions. A variety of aids are available, and the best one for you depends on the course and your own study habits and educational needs. Most study aids are available in the Reading Room Reserve.

The library carries many study aids for first-year and upper-level courses, including:

· Examples & Explanations (practice questions and answers)

· Nutshells (a broad overview of a topic)

· Hornbooks (in-depth treatment with extensive citations)

·  Concise Hornbooks (the core principles covered in a “typical” course)

· Mastering Series (roadmaps and checklists to ensure knowledge of key concepts)

·  Understanding Series (“concise yet comprehensive”)

· Concepts & Insights (provides a good, basic theoretical foundation)

· Turning Point (a broad overview similar to Nutshells)

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