New ALR Series on International Law

ALR (American Law Reports) International is a new print title and Westlaw database (ALR-INT) which includes topics that have a global scope together with U.S. coverage. However, some annotations will have no U.S. Cases cited at all. There are differences between ALR International and ALR Fed 2d.:

Topic Coverage: ALR Fed 2d includes both U.S. and international topics that affect only the U.S. and that are jurisdiction specific. The international topics included in ALR International address legal issues of global importance, whether or not the U.S. is affected, and international topics that are not limited to any particular country or jurisdiction. For example, ALR Fed 2d will continue to cover topics such as:

Marriage Between Persons of Same Sex—United States and Canadian Cases, 1 A.L.R. Fed. 2d 1; Construction and Application of Inter-American Convention on International Commercial Arbitration, 1 A.L.R. Fed. 2d 309; Effect of World Trade Organization (WTO) Decisions Upon United States, 17 A.L.R. Fed. 2d 1.

ALR International will include issues that are of a truly global nature, affecting all regions of the world, but the global case law, such as: Construction and Application of United Nations Convention on Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards; Construction and Application of Hague Convention on Taking of Evidence Abroad in Civil or Commercial Matters; and more.

Case Coverage: ALR Fed 2d includes U.S. cases, and cases from other English-speaking countries such as United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong. ALR International includes all of these cases but also selected cases from non-English speaking countries, such as Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong,etc.

Written by Marylin Raisch

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