Be Prepared for those Interviews!

If you’ve got an interview scheduled in the future, preparation may be the key to your success. Don’t just run a Google search on the interviewer or firm name, check out the many library resources that can give you a competitive edge.

The Job Searching Research Guide links you directly to numerous resources which would be beneficial to peruse before an interview. For example, the NALP Directory of Legal Employers is online allowing you to search for the full profile of law firms, public interest groups, government entities and corporate legal departments. If you happen to be looking for places to submit resumes, you can also use the advanced search capability of this resource to identify potential employers.

Don’t forget to search in the newspapers to find current articles on potential employers. Also, searching the name of your interviewer in the Law Review files on Lexis and Westlaw may uncover an interesting article you could mention during the interview.

If you’d like further assistance with your interview research, feel free to ask at the Reference Desk.

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