Good News for Cite Checkers: 2006 US Code is in Production

Everyone knows that when citing to federal statutes, you should use the official US Code citation  The problem?  The entire code hasn’t been reprinted since 2000 and the last supplement was issued in 2005.  The code is re-published every six years and it looks like production has begun on the 2006 version.  Titles 1-9 are available online in PDF.

Remember that the year in a Bluebook code citation, such as 42 U.S.C. §9601 (2000), has no relation to when the statute was enacted or last amended.  It is the year of the code, which is usually the copyright date of the printed volume.  See Bluebook  Rule 12.3.2  for further details. 

Source:  Et Seq. blog

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