Memo of 2003 on Interrogators

The memo is conveniently located on the web site of the Washington Post (sometimes these are randomly on other publications’ sites, and ones we in this region might not access every day) in two parts. Look at the pdfs linked in the box at the center of the article. The article itself is notable in that it quotes our own Professor Marty Lederman (also in today’s New York Times), and the release of the memo has been brought into the fascinating set of postings by Yale Professor Jack Balkin over at Balkinization concerning theories of the “living Constitution.”  And happily, Jack Balkin is the guest speaker at our upcoming Spring Scholarship Lunch April 16th, where his topic will be “The Blog that Ate the Law School: The Legal Academy in a Digital Age.” We presume he will be building on that topic as also presented in the many discussions of blogging and scholarship at the AALS meeting in January (including his panel with Eugene Volokh and others).

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